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This website aims to give information about website, its activity and its products.
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Access to this website implies automatic acceptance without restriction of these terms and conditions. The website editor makes every effort to provide users with timely and comprehensive information. However, the editor does not guarantee the perfect timeliness spread of the information. Therefore, the user who uses the information published on the website would do so under its unique responsibility. The company KRAPPAHUT reserves the right to change this information at any time by deleting, adding or updating the website content.

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Under the law of intellectual property, all components of the website, including the structure, texts, videos, images, icons and other elements are the exclusive property of KRAPPAHUT. Their mention does in no way allow any license or any right to use. The trademarks and logos of the website are under the KRAPPAHUT property. These elements may not be used without the prior written consent of the owner, subject to prosecution. Users of this website agree not to use the trademark in a manner which would constitute a breach or violation of laws and regulations of French law, European Regulations and / or international treaties.

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The website is specifically designed to respond to users’ needs. Thus, when browsing the website, KRAPPAHUT may indirectly collect information about users viewing. These cookies are designed to record the path of the user or the most popular pages to perform statistics viewing. This information is in no way passed on to third parties. However, the user has the right to oppose the installation of cookies and to erase or block this information from its computer without detriment to access the site.


KRAPPAHUT disclaims any liability in the case of difficulty to access its website or connection interruption. KRAPPAHUT disclaims all bad usage from the website.


This website is governed by French law.


The website may contain hyperlinks to partners or third parties websites. KRAPPAHUT neither publishes nor controls the sources and contents of these websites and is not liable in the case where the content of these websites breaks the legal and regulatory provisions in force. The editor of the website cannot guarantee the absence of viruses on these websites and cannot therefore be responsible for established or consecutive claimed damages or losses, indirect or in relation with the use of these websites.

GDPR Compliance

Krappahut is a very small website (<20 users). We do not sell ANY data. Please contact me ( to get access to your data or to cancel them. I can also delete your account if you want. The registration of your account is not handled by Krappahut but by Auth0.


For more information, please contact by email anthony 'at'
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